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Gerrard named Founding Partner of Alder Hey Children's Charity

9th December 2013

Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard has been named a founding partner of Alder Hey Children's Charity after the 33-year-old recently made a donation of £500,000 to the organisation.

The funds were generated by the midfielder's testimonial match at Anfield in August, when Reds gathered to pay tribute to the No.8 during a 2-0 friendly victory over Olympiacos.

In recognition of Gerrard's support for Alder Hey, a children's hospital based in West Derby, the skipper was named as a founding partner of the charity, the highest honour available.

"The money we have donated from my foundation [the Steven Gerrard Foundation] was raised during my testimonial earlier this year," he explained.

"So for all those who came along or supported me, it's nice for them to see exactly what their money has been spent on, and know that they too have all helped make this happen. It's a great privilege to be able to be involved with Alder Hey and their charity - the work they do is phenomenal and the new build looks set to be even more impressive, and maybe a little less daunting visually for the children."

"I've visited Alder Hey on many occasions, and whilst the children and their families are going through such difficult times, you can also see how much work goes into making it as comfortable as possible for them.

"The children are the inspiration and will always continue to be, even with helping in the design of the new hospital, that's what makes it so special.

"I'm honoured to have been chosen as a founding partner, and an ambassador; it's a charity very close to my heart as it helps so many."

Among other things, the money donated will be used to purchase a brain scanner - an important piece of equipment for the hospital - and create a new play area for patients. Richard Mathias, joint chairman of the charity, commented: "In light of Steven's donation, it was my privilege to award him with the highest honour we are able to give, which is to make him a founding partner of Alder Hey Children's Charity.

"This means that his name will be permanently displayed in the reception of the new hospital, for future generations to see what he has done for our hospital.

"Steven was delighted to accept this award, and dedicated it to everyone who bought a ticket for his testimonial match, because they can now see exactly where their money has gone.

"We are honoured to have Steven as an ambassador for our charity, and we cannot express our gratitude to him enough for what he has done, and the difference he has made."

This article and photograph have been replicated from the official Liverpool FC website.